Awakening the beauty

What you can see on this photo is the very first startup of the most advanced OQO computer ever.

OQO model 02 is a very interesting high-tech device and a valuable item for handheld collectors. According to the spec sheet, there were three modifications of OQO model 02: good, better and best.

Any modification of the device is quite rare. It’s hard to find one in good working condition, with full package content. And the high-end model with 1.6Ghz CPU, 64Gb SSD and Sunlight Optimized display is especially rare. Not just because of the insane original price of $3000, but also because the 1.6Ghz models are prone to failure due to the well-known CPU overheating problem.

I was recently very lucky to acquire a new old stock version of the "best" modification (also known as OQO model e2) with full set of accessories. According to the item description, this device has never been booted to Windows. And it does look brand new. I was dared to make a power-on test. Now it’s one of the most valuable items in my collection.

Recovering antenna covers of OQO Model 01

The case of OQO Model 01 is made of metal, it’s quite sturdy. However, the antenna covers are made of transparent plastic, which is prone to cracking.

In order to recover the cracked antenna covers I made a 3D model of the original antenna cover (antenna_cover.stl) and printed it on a photopolymer printer. I didn’t like the result, because the wall covering the antenna was too thin and fragile. So I decided to thicken the wall and sightly modified the original model. You can download the final model for 3D printing here: antenna_cover_fat.stl.