Hand386 – 386-based handheld from 2023

Hand386 is a unique handheld. It’s quite modern: the device was released in 2023. But at the same time it’s based on a rare Intel 386 compatible CPU.
From the practical standpoint, the device has a decent keyboard, genuine OPL3 sound chip and a high-quality screen, which makes Hand386 a good choice for playing non-demanding DOS games.

Sharp PC-3100 floppy disk drive

Floppy disk drive for Sharp PC-3100 (CE-301F) is a very rare device. It’s quite hard to find even a decent photo of the device. Let me quote www.tankraider.com:

A late Austrian Sharp user Club Magazine lists a "discounted Group order" with a Price of 8000 Austrian Schilling for the PC-3000, 10,000 Schilling for the PC-3100 (Around 20% more) and – interestingly – about 4700 Schilling for the floppy. Yes the Floppy costed more than half of the PC-3000, making it one of the most expensive floppy drives ever sold at that time… And it explains why the floppy is so rare these days. The Floppy disk drive mentioned in the PC-3000 article obviously also fits for the PC-3100.

Therefore I decided to share few high resolution photos of the disk drive.

More info on Shard PC-3100 is here.