The right way to store Psion Series 5/5MX

Psion Series 5 has a CF slot. When the CF door is closed. it pushes a small button inside the device, which indicates that the door is closed. When this button in not pressed, the device will not recognize the installed CF card.
Unfortunatelly, the little piece of plastic, which presses this button is very fragile. Sometimes it cracks: Psion Series 5 not recognizing CompactFlash cards : OldHandhelds.
In order to eliminate the tension on this piece of plastic, the door must be open.

Besides that, the stylus holder mechanism also contains a spring. The spring is weak when the stylus is removed from the device.

Therefore I follow these two simple rules for storing Psion Series 5:

  1. Keep the CF door open.
  2. Remove the stylus.

Running SimCity on Psion 5MX

Classic city-building computer game SimCity was also released for EPOC32 operating system. I recently opened a new box and tried to run it the game a Psion 5MX. 20+ year old floppy was successfully read by Libretto 70CT floppy drive. The game runs flawlessly. And the save files are compatible with the DOS version of the game.