Handhelds in use #4

The first issue of the series ‘Handheld in use’ sin 2024 shows the following devices:

  • Palm Tungsten T3
  • Casio Cassiopeia A-20
  • Pine64 Pinephone with keyboard case
  • Hewlett-Packard 100lx
  • Fujitsu Lifebook UH900
  • Handspring Visor Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The previous posts from this series:

Clamshell handhelds from Planet Computers

I’m glad to present you a new gallery dedicated to handheld computers produced by Planet Computers Ltd.
This gallery extends the gallery introduced in the previous post Gemini PDA – modern clamshell handheld for content creators.
Besides Gemini PDA this gallery also stars Cosmo Communicator. Both of my devices are signed by CEO of Planet Computers – Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel.

Here are two interesting interviews of Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel reviewing the new handheld:
Cosmo Communicator interview
Cosmo Communicator shipping now to backers