Clamshell handhelds from Planet Computers

I’m glad to present you a new gallery dedicated to handheld computers produced by Planet Computers Ltd.
This gallery extends the gallery introduced in the previous post Gemini PDA – modern clamshell handheld for content creators.
Besides Gemini PDA this gallery also stars Cosmo Communicator. Both of my devices are signed by CEO of Planet Computers – Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel.

Here are two interesting interviews of Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel reviewing the new handheld:
Cosmo Communicator interview
Cosmo Communicator shipping now to backers

Gemini PDA – modern clamshell handheld for content creators

In 2017 Planet Conputers introduced Gemini PDA. This handheld offers physical keyboard and is designed as modern replacement for Psion 5 Series.

At Planet Computers we believe in freedom. The freedom to create on the move.
Our powerful pocket computers are clamshell devices which feature integrated physical keyboards and the ability to multi-boot operating systems, helping increase your productivity.


Let’s compare Gemini PDA and Psion 5MX side-by-side. These devices differ in release date by almost 20 years.