Safety measures for storing Li-Ion batteries

Almost every handheld computer produced since early 2000s runs on a Li-ion battery. When you become serious about collecting handheld computers, you end up storing quite a large amount of batteries in your home. In this case you should consider taking safety measures for storing batteries, because a Li-ion battery is a potential fire hazard.

Here are the very basic principles of storing Li-ion batteries:

  • Batteries should be stored in fireproof containers.
  • Do not expose the batteries to high temperatures (e.g. direct sunlight).
  • Prevent external short circuits (store batteries in separate insulating bags).
  • Prevent internal short circuits (prevent mechanical damage).
  • Batteries should not be stored with other products that could accelerate a fire.

And, of course, keeping a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of the storage area is also a good idea.

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